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How to Set Up Food Waste Reduction Planet Promos Deal?

How to Set Up Food Waste Reduction Planet Promos Deal?

What are Planet Promos? Planet Promos are Ociety’s solution to food waste! If you have surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, this is your chance to transform it into profit. Planet Promos enable you to set aside any surplus food at the end of the day to be sold at a discount to new customers.

In order to create such a deal, please follow the following steps:

Log into your Ociety account:

Open the “Deals” tab:

Click on “Add new Deal” button:

Select "Ociety Deals":

The Deal creation flow consists of 3 simple steps. You can go over them in this article:

In order to create a Planet Promos Deal → toggle on the "Planet Promo" option as on the screenshot below:

Please, note that to qualify as Planet Promos Deal, the deal percentage must be at least 40% off. Nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted, and as such we require a minimum discount of 40% for our Planet Promos.

Once you complete the first step, please go to "Next" one → fill in all the required fields, including the additional one for Planet Promos, where you can input the number of max usages per day:

After this, you can upload some pictures for your deal during the last step, and push the Deal live by clicking on "Create & Publish". The Planet Promos Deal will be highlighted in the Ociety app in the following way:

You can always check/verify the redeemed Deal codes by clicking on the three-dots button near the selected Voucher, and going to "Deal codes":

In case your Planet Promos items (e.g. pastries) sell out more than an hour before the redemption window, you can cancel the deal which will refund any user who has purchased it already for that day. Such an option is available for Planet Promos deals only, and you can find it in the deal status settings, as in the image below:

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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