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How to Make Changes to Your Venue after It has been Claimed

How to Make Changes to Your Venue after It has been Claimed

Login at with credentials from the email we sent you.

Once you log in → go to "Venue Settings" tab:

Here, a venue admin can add or change the Venue's business name, Description, Address, URL Website, select Price range as well as select Bar and Restaurant types. Once you finish with the changes, don't forger to click on "Save changes".

To add or edit working schedule, select "Manage working hours.”

On the “Manage working hours" pop-up window, venue admins can add and edit custom working hours:

Select “List Holidays” to set the holidays days when your business will be closed on the app. You can add unique holidays for your business, or load the Calendar holidays:

To customize your business profile page, you can upload pictures and videos that will be displayed to the users on the app. Select which one you'd like to make the "Primary" picture of your profile:

Add a menu by uploading a PDF file or saving a URL menu link on "Menu" section.

Additionally, you can apply "Venue Benefits" for your business and special tags to help users find your business while browsing through/using filters on the app.

Note: Such items as "Venue Name", "Address", "Website URL", "City", "Media content", "Menu" must first be approved by an Ociety administrator.

Note: The changes that have not been yet approved by Ociety admin will have the following "pending" icon:

In case you have any issues or questions on how to connect your Stripe account, please check the following article or reach out to [email protected]:

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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