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How Does Ociety Admin Panel App Works? (Staff)

How Does Ociety Admin Panel App Works? (Staff)

If you have an Android, open the Chrome browser on your device. If you have iOS, open the Safari browser.

Go to:

On the bottom, you will be able to select: “Add Ociety Admin Panel to Home screen”:

Click “Install” on the “Install App” pop-up:

Now, you can launch the Ociety mobile app in one click:

Note: do the same on IOS but after opening the Ociety login page, click on "share" icon and click on "Add to Home Screen"

Click “Add”:

Launch the Ociety app. Enter your credentials, and then log in:

There you can see the status of your active and expired deals. The deals created by you will be "Pending" until approved by the Venue Admin.
To create a deal, please see the tutorial document How to Create a Deal?

To log out, click the "Exit" icon on the right top corner.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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