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How to create & post the Ociety Deal?

How to create & post the Ociety Deal?

What are Ociety Deals? These are your classical discounted menu offerings that you can create to market and sell to Ociety users. They must have a specific discount amount.

Log into your Ociety account:

Open the “Deals” tab:

Click on “Add new Deal” button:

Select "Ociety Deals":

In case you'd like to create a Food Waste Reduction Planet Promos Deal, please follow the steps mentioned in this article:

The Deal creation flow consists of 3 simple steps. In the first step, it's required to select and input the following:

1) Select whether you want to create a Deal for food or drink items in the "Applies to" section.
2) The category of the selected food/drink items.
3) The sub-category of the selected food/drink item (in case you cannot find the needed sub-category, you can add your custom one using the "Other" option).
4) Description field is optional, so you can either skip it or add any additional information on the items, deal, or anything else.
5) Exceptions/Restrictions field is also optional, so can either skip it or describe any limitations your deal might have.
6) Start date of your Deal (when it becomes live in the Ociety app).
7) Expiration date of your Deal.

After that, please scroll down a bit, and fill in the rest of the fields:

1) Select the time and date when the Deal should be active in the "Usable Only During These Days & Times" field.
2) Select any dietary restrictions (if any).
3) Input the "Product Name".
4) Input the "Deal Value"
5) Input either the "Deal Percentage (%)" or the "Price a User Will Pay (Including taxes)" (depending on your deal details).

Once you fill in all the details → click "Next" to select a Deal quantity (limited/unlimited), a Maximum usage across all customers/per customer, and the Target Audience (in case you have vouchers for alcohol items, they will not be visible to the users younger than 21 years).

You can also be notified when the selected amount of deals is left.

In the last step, you can upload up to 5 pictures for your Deal. It's an optional step, so if you skip it, the system will use the default clip art:

Once everything is ready, click "Create & Publish".

You can always check/verify the redeemed Deal codes by clicking on the three-dots button near the selected Voucher, and going to "Deal codes":

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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