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Why I can't sign in to the Ociety app?

Why I can't sign in to the Ociety app?

There could be a few reasons why you can't sign in to the Ociety app:

No internet connection → Please, check your Wi-Fi or cell Internet connections.

SMS code is not received → If you didn’t receive SMS code, please tap on the red link “Tap to resend” (You will receive a new code during 30 seconds.):

In case you haven't received the code, please check your phone number and make sure you have cell phone service. If none of the options helped, please contact our Support Team at [email protected].

You are trying to use a VoIP phone number to sign up → Unfortunately, VOIP phone numbers are not allowed to sign in. Please, use only the real phone number.

You have attempted too many times → If you signed in and logged out a few times, the app may be locked for 10 minutes. During sign-in, you can enter the wrong phone number and the code can be sent to the incorrect number. In this case, check to make sure you entered the correct phone number.

You are using a number not associated with your account.

In case you have any other issues, or need additional help - please reach out to our Support Team at [email protected]

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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