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How to find Happy Hours in the Ociety app?

How to find Happy Hours in the Ociety app?

Open the Ociety app, and enable your location or click on "Load NYC" button to load the list of Deals/Happy Hours:

In order to open available Happy Hour menus, click on "Explore Happy Hours!":

After that, you'll be able to see the list of all available Happy Hour menus. You can filter and sort them by "Distance", "Dollar Savings", "Category", "Dietary Requirements", or show see the ones that are "Active now":

Click on the Happy Hour menu you like to get more details. On the Happy Hour menu detailed view, you'll be able to get additional information check the active hours when you can use the Happy Hour, what other menu items are included, check the full menu, open the venue profile, and "Check-in":

Please, note that Happy Hour menu items could be ordered through the venue staff as usual, it cannot be ordered through Ociety app.

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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