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What can the Waitlist Manager do?

What can the Waitlist Manager do?

Once the Waitlist Manager is added to the Venue Team by the Venue Admin, they are required to log in into their dashboard using the credentials sent to their email. The dashboard is accessible by the following link:

Here’s an overview of what the Waitlist Manager can do:

Manage lists of guests at the venue(s).

Send notifications to guests on their number in the line, and when their table is ready.

Tag, search, filter the guests.

Edit the guest’s contact/table information.

Upload the digital menu of the venue.

In order to see the whole functionality of the dashboard, the Waitlist Manager is required to add the first guest, as on the example below:

Once the Waitlist Manager clicks on the “Notify” button, the guest will get the following notification:

The Waitlist Manager can upload the digital menu and choose another venue to manage (in case they were added to multiple venues) in the Settings as on the screenshot below:

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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