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What can the Deal Manager do?

What can the Deal Manager do?

Once the Deal Manager is added to the Venue Team by the Venue Admin, they can access their dashboard with the credentials sent to their email. The dashboard is accessible by the following link:

Here’s what the dashboard looks like for a Deal Manager:

The Deal Manager has the possibility to create new deals for your business locations.

However, deals created by the Deal Manager will always have the “Pending” status, which means that such deals need to be approved by the Venue Admin in order to be live on the app.

In addition, the Deal Manager can see all the deals previously created for the venue - both active and expired. By going to the “History” tab, the Deal Manager can “Duplicate” already expired deals and edit them if needed:

In case you need help with Deal/Special/Voucher creation - please let your personal Account Manager know, and they'll help you out:)

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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