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How to verify the Deal codes when the user redeems your Deal?

How to verify the Deal codes when the user redeems your Deal?

Ociety users can buy your Deals/Special/Voucher in advance or at your location. As for the Deal/Special/Voucher usage and redemption, it's only possible at your location. Once a user wants to redeem the deal, they can ask your staff to swipe to activate the deal and show you the Deal Code. If the Deal Code is generated successfully, then the Deal/Special/Voucher was properly redeemed, and you can proceed with the order.

In case you'd like to confirm the Deal/Special/Voucher usage and verify the Deal Code, you can always do that in your Venue Admin account. Please, follow the following steps:

Log into your Ociety account:

Open the “Deals” tab:

Select the Deal/Special/Voucher in question:

Click on the three-dots button, and go to "Deal Codes":

A new tab with Deal/Special/Voucher Codes for the selected deal will be opened, and you can check each singular redemption and usage:

The Deal Code appears automatically as soon as the Deal/Special/Voucher is redeemed by the user, so all the codes will always be listed for you in your Venue Admin Account. You can always access any used Deal Code, see the username of your customer, the date and time of redemption, and the status of the code.

In case you have any issues with Deal Codes or you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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