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How to Publish the Happy Hour Menu?

How to publish Happy Hour menu as the Venue admin?

Currently, the Happy Hour menu could be only published by the Ociety team, so the only thing that is required from your side is to submit the Happy Hour menu request. In order to create a request, just simply follow the next steps:

Log into your Venue Admin dashboard, and go to the "Deals" tab:

On the "Deals" tab, click on "Happy Hours" and then on "Create a Request" button:

Fill in the request details: upload or share the Happy Hour menu(s), and add any additional menu information (please make sure to reference the information listed under "Examples"):

Once everything is ready, simply hit "Send Request" button.

If your request was sent successfully, you'll see the following message:

The Ociety team will review your request, and reach out to you once the Happy Hour Menu is live on the app.

Once the Happy Hour menu is live on the Ociety app, you will also be able to see the Happy Hour menu preview in your Venue Admin dashboard. You can change the visibility of any Happy Hour menu items at any point by changing the status from "Active" to "Pause" or "Pending" (meaning that the changed item will not be displayed in the Ociety app to the users):

In case you'd like to change the details or create another Happy Hour menu - just simply create a new request, and Ociety team will update everything for you.

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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