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How to Connect your Ociety Profile to Stripe?

How to Connect your Ociety Profile to Stripe?

You can check the quick video with the overview of the whole process, or text steps below:

Log into your Ociety Dashboard:

Go to the Venue Settings tab → scroll down a bit to the "Connect to Stripe" section → click the "Connect" button:

Once you click on the "Connect" button, it will redirect you to the Stripe onboarding process. In the first step, please input your email and phone number. After that just click "Continue":

Note: In case you already have an account on Stripe with the same email, you might see the following screen with an option to "Create a new business":

You'll get a verification code, which is required to put in the next step. Once you fill in the code → hit "Continue":

Next, you'll be asked what Type of Business you have ("Individual" or "Company"), and if you choose "Company", you'll be asked to fill in an additional field on the Business Structure as on the example below:

Then, please input your Legal Business Name and Website. The "Doing Business As" field is optional:

After that, you can either connect your bank account through integration (Stripe is connected to all major banks) or input your bank details manually:

After connecting your bank account, click "Continue" and proceed to your final review screen. Make sure all the information is correct, and click on "Agree & Submit":

You'll be redirected back to your Ociety Dashboard.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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